The Company’s Garden in downtown Cape Town

Feeding squirrels at Company's Garden

An oasis of tranquility from the buzzing city centre…It’s not just a public park. It’s also a rich heritage site, created in 1650 by the first European settlers in the region. It provided fertile soil, to grow fresh produce to replenish ships that sailed around the Cape. The Company’s garden itself is wonderful to wander around in, with many botanically and historically valuable trees, a herb garden, rose garden and several monuments and statues.

Feeding the Squirrels

Boy feeding squirrelWhen you enter the park you may buy a bag of peanuts. These peanuts are the favorite treats of the many squirrels that live in the garden. Just sit on a bench, demonstratively show your peanuts and they will come! Not bothered by any form of shyness they will get those nuts. They’ll sit on your shoe, lap or neck if need be! It’s the cutest thing! The pigeons in the park are also partial to the peanuts. They’ll sit on your shoulder, head and arm while you feed them. Great fun for children of all ages, and all this for only R5 a bag!

Man with pigeons and squirrel

The Company’s Garden Restaurant

In the park you’ll find the Company’s Garden Restaurant. A wonderful venue with light meals, teatime favorites, coffee and in winter a warm fire. The restaurant is suitable for children. Outside there is a playground, with huge hanging chairs to relax in with a book or a few squirrels…

Company's Garden Restaurant

Near The Company’s Garden

The garden lies in an interesting part of town. Nearby you’ll find St. George’s Cathedral, the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, National library and the South African Jewish Museum. The world famous Mount Nelson Hotel is just outside the Company’s garden.

The Houses of Parliament offer an oft-refreshed selection of extraordinary South African art, all drawn from the national art archive. Free daily tours are on offer. Try to make reservations a week in advance and don’t forger to bring your passport.

The Houses of Parliament Cape Town

De Tuynhuys is the office of the state President. It was originally built in 1700 as a guesthouse for important visitors.  It was used as the official residence by governors and State Presidents. It is not open to the public, but it is the place where one of the most important events in South African history took place. On 18 March 1992 then president Frederik Willem de Klerk declared that South Africa had ‘closed the book on apartheid’ from the steps of De Tuynhuys.

Tuynhuys Cape Town

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