Favorite restaurants at Waterfront

Restaurants Waterfront

Finding great restaurants to have lunch or dinner in Cape Town is… well to be honest, one of the easiest things you’ll do this holiday! There are amazing eateries everywhere in the city. We’ll just highlight a few. Let’s start with some choice venues at V&A Waterfront, since you’ll end up there anyway somewhere during you visit to Cape Town.

I must start with a personal favorite:  Balducci’s.

Balducci dessert RestaurantsThis Italian chic restaurant serves everything you might have a craving for. The menu is  wildly varied. From the Italian classics pizza and pasta to Asian noodles, burgers, seafood and sushi and a mouthwatering array of desserts. With the chocolate fondant as the piece de resistance! All dishes are fresh, creative and simply good. The wine list is extensive. Sitting outside you have a stunning view of Table Mountain.  Balducci’s is perfect for lunch, dinner and drinks.




Quay Four

is a restaurant you don’t find in the known tourist lists very often. It’s one of the oldest restaurants at V&A and a famous landmark. Upstairs you have an elegant restaurant where the emphasis lies on exquisitely prepared fresh seafood,  downstairs the Quay Four Tavern is a buzzing meeting place for locals and visitors alike. The unique location makes for a great place to enjoy the sun set. Quay Four is the place to eat, drink and be merry!

Quay Four Restaurant



Willoughby & Co

is not your usual name for a restaurant that specializes in sushi and other Japanese dishes. Still this restaurant is world famous for its fusion style Japanese cuisine. Although the setting, inside, surrounded by shops and shoppers, is not the best in Cape Town, everyday hungry fans don’t mind to stand in line for the exciting dishes that range from the freshest sushi and oyster shooters to pasta and thai curry. Go on! Stand in line and use that time to unabashedly check out the gorgeous dishes of those who are already seated and served.




Signal Restaurant

You’ll find this refined restaurant in the luxurious and elegant Cape Grace Hotel. The atmosphere is historic and chic, with large chandeliers adding to the grandeur. Signal Restaurant serves sumptuous dishes, either for breakfast, lunch, dinner or if you just feel a bit peckish. You’ll imagine yourself a queen (or king), dining in this royal setting. The chefs make good use of locally grown ingredients and fresh fruits from the sea at hand, creating unique and fresh dishes.

Cape Grace Restaurant



Baia Seafood Restaurant

has the most spectacular view of both Table Mountain and the Waterfront. Their legendary seafood tastes even better, when you’re constantly reminded of how lucky you are to just be here in Cape Town. While the signature seafood dishes steal the limelight, their poultry and meats are sumptuous as well.



A sweet little place is Vovo Telo

Fresh, fresh, fresh. Bread, pastries, hearty meals and great coffee. Need I say more?



I must confess: the above mentioned restaurants are the ones that made an impression on me. A completely arbitrary choice. There are over 80 eateries at V&A. Most of them are great, whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a long lunch or a fancy dinner. Flavors from around the globe come together at V&A. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong in any of them. In all my years eating in South Africa, I’m yet to be disappointed! I suspect I never will be. For a complete listing of all restaurants at V&A Waterfront (by category even!) check out www.waterfront.co.za.

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