Neighbourgoods Market at The Old Biscuit Mill

Old Biscuit Mill

In Cape Town on a Saturday? You’re in luck. The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock is inspiring and buzzing during the week with restaurants, art galleries and boutiques, but on Saturday mornings you’ll find the Neighbourgoods Market here. A food and farmers market with excellent food, smoothies, coffee and much, much more. Local suppliers bring their organic produce to the Mill. Best to go a bit early, because it gets busy since the locals favor this market as well. You’ll find an eclectic crowd, vegans, hipsters,  students, tourists, musicians… And all these people are merry and happy to be here. Just walking around here gives you a sense that all is gonna be ok with the world!

Over 100 stalls sell a mix of freshly prepared foods; local, organic and with influences from all over the world. The coffee is pure heaven. The only huge problem here is… What to choose from all the mouthwatering, great smelling food you see all around you. Inside you sit at long tables with people from all over the world. Outside you may find a place in the sun to enjoy your carefully selected food and drink.


Old Biscuit Mill

Outside you find a market with leather goods, clothing, kid’s stuff, shoes, jewelry…

You know, all the stuff that makes girls happy! And for the guys… well there is the abundance of food to keep them busy !

The shops at the complex are laden with art, design, souvenirs, crockery, clothing and accessories…

This is an excellent place to start your weekend! Just writing about it makes me long for a Saturday in Cape Town!

The Old Biscuit Mill Complex  373-375 Albert Road Woodstock

The Old Biscuit Mill

The Old Biscuit Mill is, ah, you guessed it, an old cookie factory. The industrial architecture gives the complex its unique atmosphere. You’ll find one of the top restaurants here, The Test Kitchen, but also wine stores, boutiques and all kinds of original shops where you can wander, buy unusual stuff and be inspired. The whole place vibrates with passion, talent and out-of-the-ordinaryness. The Mill hosts festivals and other events during the year.

Old Biscuit Mill

All tenant of the Old Biscuit Mill have one thing in common, they’re creative and innovative. Actually, that’s two things in common.

I want to share two of my favorites here.

The CocoaFair

I want to share two of my favorites here. First The CocoaFair. A company that is not only passionate about creating the best chocolates, but also in making a positive social change. You may taste all their incredible chocolate flavors. That is a well calculated risk with the big crowds that wander around on the premises, since it is pretty well impossible to leave without purchasing some of these delights. Through a large window you can see the chocolate artists at work. Every Saturday you can join a guided tour.

The ArtLab

They print everything, from wallpaper to fabric. Especially fun for visitors who made the best photo of Table Mountain, a penguin or sipping sunset cocktails in Camps Bay. Here’s your chance to physically hold that image in your hand, or better yet, put it on your wall, instead of sentencing it to oblivion as one of the gazillion pics on your hard disk.  The ArtLab also has great images for sale in their store.

The neighbourhood of Woodstock has gained a lot from the buzz and liveliness of The Mill. Around the complex you’ll find art galleries, furniture and home accessory stores and designer stores next to a variety of workshops where craftsmen are transforming old wood into small furniture and shabby chic frames. The area changes weekly with new enterprises popping up.

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