Shark Cage Diving: a breathtaking experience

Shark Cage diving

Shark Cage diving is not only for thrill seekers! Many people are fascinated by the Great White. Your holiday in Cape Town may be the only change you get to get eyeball to eyeball with this mysterious and misunderstood predator.

About a two hour drive from Cape Town lies a small town named Gansbaai.

In Gansbaai itself you will find absolutely nothing of interest, but it is where the shark cage diving companies are. Lots of them! What is shark cage diving you might wonder? Well you go out to sea, lure great white sharks, jump in a cage and wait for the sharks to come to the boat. You don’t have scuba dive equipment, just a wetsuit, booties and goggles. And… It is the most thrilling experience ever!!!

Jumping up and down the water, the boat ride itself is exhilarating! Then the boat stops and the crew throw out the anchor. Then they throw out chum, which is a delicious bloody soup made of fish oil, parts and blood.

The cage is lowered into the water and I am the first to wriggle herself into a wetsuit. With goggles on I look out over the water. Any sharks in the area must have discerned the smell of the chum. The suspense is enormous and the theme from Jaws is playing in my head. I might even have hummed it out loud… Then suddenly the captain of the boat yells: ‘Shark up front, divers in the cage!’ Without missing a beat I jump in the cage hit my knee against the metal, hard, and stare into the eye and mouth of a great white shark! I scream under water so hard my throat hurts and then it’s gone.  I struggle to get my head above the water, but hit the metal of the cage, swallowing a fair portion of the Indian Ocean spiced with chum. Just catching my breath again the captain calls out: ‘divers down! Shark front right’. I take the biggest breath of air in my life and push myself down. There is it. I feel like I’m in the movie! It’s huge. I’m in the left corner of the cage. It swims from my right and passes me slowly. Then it opens its jaw and literally attacks the corner of the cage. It seems like the shark is trying to bite of a piece to savor for later and it furiously shakes the cage with its teeth. Just as I cannot hold my breath a nano-second longer it lets go. I absolutely love this! I’m never leaving this cage again! This is such a breathtaking experience (literally).

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