Welcome to Cape Town Tips!

Trading Post at Cape Town Waterfront Cape Town

You lucky you! Our guess is that you either are in Cape Town, looking for some inspiration or you’re planning a trip to the most beautiful city on earth in joyous anticipation of what lies ahead.

 Cape Town Tips is a helpful tool to plan your days in ‘the Mother City’.

This is a city where you could easily spend a few weeks. Most people however plan a way shorter stay. This site will help you to make the most of your time.

We’ll let you know which places you simply may not miss. A few you know from the get go, like Table Mountain, dûh! But browse our site and I am sure we will surprise you with some hidden gems.

Nobel Square with sculptures of four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Cape Town

Whether you’re looking for a exquisite restaurant or a friendly bistro with organic foods, a  secluded beach or a vibrant cocktail bar, a fun excursion for the kids or a enriching dip into the South African heritage… You’ll find it here. Cape Town has everything: a wonderful climate, spectacular scenery,  great restaurants, characteristic districts, extraordinary shopping, impressive historical sites and museums, tranquil parks, hospitable Capetonians, exhilarating stuff to do like paragliding off Lion’s Head and in the direct vicinity not one but two oceans, beautiful wine farms, quaint little villages, weekend markets, the list goes on and on.

Truth be told, if you search a few hours you’ll be able to find most of this information on various other sites. We are not the only ones who want to share our love for Cape Town with the rest of the world. It is our mission to give you a life altering experience when visiting this breathtaking city. Cape Town Tips is your one stop shop for everybody who wants to make the most of the precious hours they have in the Western Cape of South Africa. Cape Town will never cease to amaze you and we are confident that when that moment of goodbye arrives, you’ll vow to return some day, somehow!

Twelve apostles mountains Cape Town